Happy to announce I’m working within a new project named ‘Clandestine Collective’! The collective is aiming to create safe space for young female identified artists of all forms and subjects to explore similar artists ideas and exhibit their work within the north of england (a place with a very small young art scene, with nothing like this previously existing). We’ve already managed one exhibition and are currently looking into more. I’m really excited to be working on this, and the chances are if you like my work you’ll most likely like the work of the artists involved alongside me! The tumblr is and I’d really appreciate it if any of you gals followed it and checked out the work we have on there so far; we’re also looking into expanding the group at the moment, and so to apply to be part of the collective you can email your work and a small description of yourself and work to! If you know any great young northern artists let them know/or simply reblog this post so we can discover some new talent to exhibition with. Exciting stuff! 

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